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Membership Plans

Your Weaverville Yoga Live Membership brings yoga to you!

Inexpensive options: Webcast only   or in-person


Bronze Level

Full access

to all our video content

  • Webcasts of all our studio classes
  • Hundreds of videos on demand
  • PLUS special web-only classes

Dozens of live classes each week.

More than 600 videos on demand.


Access all this: 

only $25/month


Silver Level

For those who want the best of both...

on-line AND in-person

  • Everything in our Bronze level
  • Plus 6 in-person classes each month


Everything you need to start or expand your yoga practice


All this for only $85/month

(that’s a 15% discount)


Gold Level

This could change your life  

  • Everything in our Bronze Level 
  • PLUS Twelve (12) in-person classes
  • PLUS a free Bronze-Level  online membership for anyone you choose

Yoga is better when you share it.

 Share  your yoga together online.


Only $129/month

(that’s 25% off regular prices)

Why wait? Click here now to sign up! 

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