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Cheryl - February 14 at 1:57 PM

Jay, one thing that seem to be missing is a simple link back to Live once I've left it to go to the library or front porch or my account.

And like Jennie below, I want to thank Eryn, for her Restorative class last Sunday which I took one day this week when my overused leg was not willing to do much.  Really enjoyed the class - though I was watching at an hour when our slow connection kept making the replay stop.  It didn't matter so much since the point of Restorative is to hold the poses a long time.  I just got bonus time in the poses while the spinning wheel caught up with itself.


Betty Jane - February 12 at 12:12 PM

I can't remember my password--what do I do now?

Romina - February 12 at 12:04 PM

Today's, February 12, 50+ class is cancelled due to technical issues. We are very sorry! And we look forward to seeing you next time! 

Jennie - February 12 at 11:33 AM

Jay and Barbara, thank you for giving us this format for continuing our yoga practice and sense of community during these strange pandemic times! I have a question about how we can leave a message for a teacher if we take the class at a later date, after the chat box has gone away. Is this the best way to do that?  If so, Eryn, I took your Feb. 3rd yoga basics class on Friday the 12th, and it was marvelous! I love that you seem to offer a challenging pose with each class you teach. Today it was airplane pose, and I did far better than I expected I would! Thank you, thank you! 

Jay - February 10 at 11:01 AM

If you are using Safari or Firefox you WILL have problems.
(I used to say, you MIGHT have problems...but no.)

Those are NON-COMPLIANT browsers.

Chrome Browser is recommended. (Also Edge). ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR APPLE HARDWARE.

Chrome and other standard-compliant browsers have an INTERNAL heartbeat, that watches for new programs to start. Safari and Firefox don't do this.

Even worse -- SOME Apple products ignore the heartbeat (most iPhones and many iPads).

(Apple supposedly does this to reduce battery drain -- but also to kick idle browsers off of Apple's costly streaming services, like Music and Apple TV.)

So if Apple thinks your Safari or Firefox browser has been idle, they may turn of any streaming. (Typically, using Chrome prevents this, however)

If you think you SHOULD be seeing a live stream, but you aren't, Refresh the browser.

But note: IT can then take 2-3 MINUTES after that rest for connections to refresh properly -- 2-3 minutes before the class starts to play on your screen.


Jay - February 9 at 12:19 PM

Rayona is webcasting live from the NC Beach! This is so cool.

Cheryl - February 8 at 8:34 AM

Appreciate all your effort Jay.  Thanks for the tip about the chat box scroll - I'm sure I'm not te only one who thought that class chat area was cut off when the next one showed up. 

But, I think Lynn and I were asking is how to interact with the instructor when we are using a recorded class from the library.  I don't see a chat feature there, and like today when I had to catch Sonya's class just a couple of hour late, the library is where I'm going to get the precise class I wanted to "attend."  So if I wanted to provide feedback on the pace of the class or if I had a question about what was going on in the video at a specific point, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that and insure the instructor would see it.


Jay - February 7 at 8:58 PM

Sonya's class is one of my favorites. This has been a hectic week, working the kinks out of the new platform (and in the saved video, you see Sonya coping with some of those kinks). But I'm glad you see that there are lots of quality improvements, and you will soon see more. 

Chats of live classes and videos playing on the YOGA LIVE channel continue into the next program. So when the program changes, and the chat box changes -- the chat from the PREVIOUS PROGRAM is still resident in the new chat box. Just scroll up. 

The chatroom chat stays resident for the day and deletes at midnight. WHY? Because I don't want to keep an endless roll of unread chats -- that's my preference. 
BUT I listen to the users and learn. If you want chat to stay resident longer, just suggest a different rule and let's see if we can't make it better for your and everyone. 

Cheryl - February 7 at 5:16 PM

Jay, the video and audio on Sonya's class on replay on a Sunday was really great - could really appreciate the high-def visual, the audio and visual were in sync as far as I could tell yay!  And Sonya, great class as usual! (I just had to do it a bit later in the afternoon.)



Cheryl - February 7 at 4:17 PM

 I had the same question as Lynn - - it seems the chat closes after the live class ends - and chats I posted here have disappeared.


Lynn - February 7 at 12:37 PM

I took and very much enjoyed Rayona's Sat class on Sunday... How do you leave the teacher

a comment when you are doing a pre-recorded video?

Martha - February 7 at 9:19 AM

More Sunday Snow Day News...

Good morning, friends. I am having some Internet as well as weather-related issues. Please enjoy an archived video class this morning, and I will see you next week.


Jay - February 7 at 8:33 AM

Sunday Snow Day News

First snow day change is Dass's Kundalini class -- we'll be substituting one of his great videos.

Pamela - February 4 at 10:56 AM

Hi, still wondering about Anita's 10:30 class showing on the guide for 11:30.

Anita - February 4 at 9:30 AM

I felt like a kid in a candy shop, as I chose music for today's Beginner Sneaker Tap Class at noon on !!! Come dance with me! All are welcome!

Here is a video of one of the amazing tap dancers who will be on the upcoming tap dance U.S. Postal Stamps: Dormeshia Sumbry Edwards


Anita - February 4 at 9:27 AM

Exercise classes often teach how to isolate body parts. Yoga teaches how moving any part of the body moves the whole body, mind and spirit. Hope you will join me for embodyoga at 10:30 am where we will explore this, on !!


Jay - February 2 at 8:30 PM

It looks like my program that automates putting live webcasts into the library is really buggy. I can't begin to tell you how complex it is -- and it really should be simple, but vimeo makes this very hard. 

I'll be removing and resetting the badly labeled library videos tomorrow, and will debug and fix the program soon. Some programs can only be debugged in a production environment -- you can't imagine all the variables in a pre-production test.


Jay - February 2 at 3:28 PM

Linda Go's had some snow issues ... couldn't get to the studio, then she had an internet outage. We're replaying a couple of her classic yoga classes instead.


Jay - February 2 at 12:02 PM

Check out Rayona's premiere class for Weaverville Yoga. Live at 12 noon. 

Barbara - February 1 at 6:18 PM

We sent out the February newsletter last night with all the good tidings from the studio.

Here is the class schedule for the month, so you can mark your calendars and make plans for some lovely classes. And look, we have two languages added to the offerings: Sanskrit AND Spanish!


February 2021


9-10.15 Ayurvedic Flow Yoga. Kimber


10.30 -11.45   Anahata Yoga.  Barbara 
12-1.15 pm      50+Yoga.  Barbara 




9-10.15   InnerCore Yoga. Jessica 


12-1.15  Vinyasa Flow. Rayona
3-3.30   Yoga for Better Balance. Linda *


3.30-4.15   Sanskrit 101. Linda Go




6-6.30 am Good Morning Yoga, Ellora


9-10.15 Ayurvedic Flow Yoga. Kimber
10.30 -11.45   Anahata Yoga.  Barbara *


 12-1.15   50+Yoga.  Barbara ** 


5.30-6.30 Yoga   Basics. Eryn*


7-8   pm Good Night Yoga.  Ellora




9-10.30  Kundalini Yoga, Steven (begin Feb 11)


10.30-11.30  Embodyoga®. Anita


12-12.30   Sneaker Tap.  Anita


1-2  Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa Flow. Romina


2.30-3.30  Yoga Suave en Español.  Romina


6.30-7.30  BFF Body Friend Flow. Feb – Cardiovascular Alicia  


7.30-8.30  Pilates. Feb – Cardiovascular. Alicia
9-10.15   InnerCore Yoga. Jessica


10.30-11.45  Anahata Yoga.  Barbara *
12-1.15   50+Yoga.  Barbara **


7-7.30  Yoga Nidra.  Katherine Caldwell




9-10.15  Vinyasa Flow. Rayona 


10.30-11.45    Anahata Yoga.  Barbara * (free class live on Weaverville Yoga Facebook)


9-10.30  Kundalini Yoga, Steven


11-12   Gentle Sunday Flow. Martha


2-3  Adult Ballet/Barre. Sonya


7.15-8.15  Restorative Yoga.  Eryn


Linda - February 1 at 11:05 AM

Looking forward to opening up new platform with new Sanskrit classes starting this Tuesday.

Kimber - February 1 at 10:21 AM

Thank you so much for tuning into the 1st class on the new platform- it was a huge success (my snoring dog and all! haha) 

SO grateful for this community and can't wait to see it grow over the coming months. 

Namaste Yogis

Barbara - February 1 at 3:37 AM

Big News:

Angela Mucci, one of our favorite teachers, is having a baby today.

Welcome, Danny!
Congratulatons Angela!

Barbara - February 1 at 3:35 AM

It's almost 4am. Kimber's premiere class starts in 5 hours.

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